What is a good water spray for face? I want something refreshing when going out immediately from work. Don't love the smell of rose water...

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Jillian Wright (Clinical Aesthetician & Spa Owner) answered
I agree with Daniela.  Here is a great experiment with water vs a hydrating spray Take a piece of cardboard and apply a few drops of water.  You will see that it dries out the cardboard very quickly.  If you take a hydrating solution such as the Bioelements Hydrating Solution for sensitive skin, you will see that the spot never dries out! Using this after work will successfully hydrate your skin with no fragrance.
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Daniela E. answered
Plain water can evaporate and leave skin quite dehydrated as it takes water from inside the skin along with it.  Better to use a toner that is meant for dry skin, something that you can enjoy using.  If you're feeling dry, make sure that your daily and nightly moisturizers contain ingredients that bind water to the skin, where you would apply them right on top of a good spray-on toner.

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apbenven answered
Evian makes a water spray!
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Holly A. answered
I cup green tea, 1tsp Epsom salt, a few drops of a favorite essential oil, and a few drops of coconut oil. Pour in a mist/spray bottle and mist on face and body! Works great!
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DiamondsAndPearls answered
I use water and peppermint oil as a natural refreshing spray, plus it reminds me of Christmas! (1 drop per ounce of water)
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vartahojjat answered
Avene has an amazing thermal water spray that is known to have healing qualities. Try it out!
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Xan M. answered
Try going for a alcohol free toner that contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluoronic acid (also formulated as cross linked hyaluronic acid) is like a moisture blanket for your skin, giving moisture it moisture and preventing surface dehydration.
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deeptikaur answered
shu uemura do nice face sprays I got mine from Selfridges 
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Brittney K S. answered
Natures Mist is amazing facial water
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Mickiee625 answered
Evian facial spray is a great makeup setting agent and is refreshing when you're at the beach!
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