What are the best ways to fight an oncoming cold or flu?

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Malinda Gibbons, L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist, Maya Abdominal Therapist) answered
Cupping is a treatment used by acupuncturists and holistic health practitioners to release "wind" in the body, and therefore help prevent a cold from progressing. For a cold, the upper back is the area that would need to be cupped. The cups are actually little glass jars. The practitioner lights a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and "twinkles" it in the cup to create suction. Then she quickly places it on the skin and leaves it for about 5-10 minutes. This "releases the exterior" and actually feels very good. Some practitioners use "sliding cups" to get even more movement.
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AmberB answered
I recently bought a supplement that is vitamin C + elderberry + zinc and took it twice a day (just like a chewable lozenge) and hydrated a lot and never got sick! the soar throat/fevery feelings went away. getting more sleep than you're used to when you're getting sick can make a huge difference as well. rest easy + water + vitamin C. presto.
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