My boyfriend has PTSD and is very distant lately. I feel lonely. What should I do?

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hopeforester1 answered
Coming from someone who has suffered with PTSD, try to understand that a certain traumatic event can cause a person to change. I went through an abusive time, and anything from a loud noise, to people yelling would trigger me. I would start crying uncontrollably, with fear, and feel as if I was in the same place I was before. People with PTSD can often, sometimes, be suffering from depression-I'm not saying he has depression but just be aware. PTSD differs and develops from person to person. People with PTSD can start to avoid people, feelings, and their environment all together, in fear of the event from happening again. I'm a little bit better now, I can cope with things I would't have been able to had I not gotten help. PTSD is a long process, the healing process is different for everyone. To this day I will always be aware of people, and I will have trust issues. Please know that its not your fault he may be distant. I'm sure he loves you, don't blame yourself. I used to have guilt for exposing my family to my anger, and chaotic ways, but all I needed was for them to understand what I was going through. If you choose to approach your boyfriend on how you feel, do it in a calm, blame free manner, and make sure to not trigger him. Simply reminding me of what happened would trigger me. Let him know you are there for him, and if you are- willing to help him recover and move on. I don't know your boyfriends situation, but all I ever wanted was for my family to not judge me, or blame me for being a "miserable bitch"-which I couldn't help. If you want, and if he is ready, seeking professional help could be beneficial. I hope this helps. 
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