I'm having a hard time getting aroused and into sex. I suffer from constant yeast infections, could this be why?

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Evelyn Resh MPH,CNM (Certified Sexuality Counselor & Nurse-Midwife) answered
The relationship between your chronic yeast infections and lack of arousal is consequential more than causative. In other words, if you're having chronic yeast infections, it would be hard to imagine that you be at all interested in being sexually active which translates into not being turned-on - does this makes sense? The issue of the chronic yeast infections makes me ask two questions: 1. Are you sure it's yeast versus something that is causing irritation and itching that isn't yeast? and 2. No matter what it is, what's causing the problem in the first place? Determining it is definitely yeast depends on looking at your discharge under a microscope. If it isn't yeast than perhaps you have Bacterial Vaginosis or are having a reaction to body wash.This later problem is very common in women. Many people think they have to really scrub their genital area to keep it clean- not true. In fact I recommend that women only use water when they wash "down there." Water alone is adequate. If you take birth control pills, these can both alter the normal ecology of the vagina which can lead to plenty of itching and they often decreased your interest in sex. If you do take the pill, it may be time to consider an alternative method that doesn't have hormones in it - like an IUD. I hope this helps.
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Anonymous answered
I'm not sure about the yeast infection, but here are some great links to answers regarding lack of sexual arousal by the experts on ChickRx:



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jrreminick answered
I got yeast infections ever couple months for most of my adult life until my gyno suggested probiotic pills. I haven't had a yeast infection for over 6 months.
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