I wax/epilate the bikini line, but 'cause of ingrown hair I'm having blemishes, dark spots. I gave a break, exfoliated, but nothing helps.

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Nicole Jardim (Certified Holistic Health Coach (focus on Women's Health Coaching) & Reiki Practitioner) answered
I struggled with this issue for a really long time. Waxing and shaving caused awful ingrowns and then hyperpigmentation. Nothing worked for me until I decided to get laser hair removal on my bikini line. It worked wonders, not only to get rid of the hair and the ingrowns but also to get rid of the hyperpigmentation. Within 6 months to a year the dark spots were completely gone. This worked for a number of my friends who had the same issue as well. There are so many deals for laser hair removal nowadays too, which helps! 
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Anonymous answered
These are very good tips for the ingrown hair, but what do you say about the hyperpigmentation of the skin that is already there because of previous ingrown hair? I can prevent it from now own, but how do I treat what is currently looking like a blemish? 
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Daniela E. commented
You can exfoliate in the shower including a Salicylic Acid body wash. Then because we want to make sure not to clog pores, look for a facial moisturizer with lots of antioxidant vitamins. This will help hold up the pigmentation process so the skin can heal itself. It will take a while, but these two things will help speed things up a bit.
Anonymous answered
*** Same author here: are there any homemade solutions or specific brands? (I'm in India)
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Daniela E. answered
I am an Esthetician that specializes in bikini waxes and acne skin care.  Ingrown hairs on the bikini line actually have more to do with pressure and friction more than anything else, believe it or not.  Even before you look for a remedy, there are a few things you'll need to change in order to treat the problem.
1) You must wear 100% cotton underwear that covers the entire affected area, no matter what fabric you're wearing. That goes even more so with jeans - you should NEVER wear thong underwear with jeans or any other material that is textured.
2) Never wear underwear with lace or mesh at all.  Lace and mesh create friction, which causes the worst ingrowns.
3) There is no need to ever apply any moisturizers in that area.  Your perspiration is enough - the vast majority of body lotions anywhere in the world have pore clogging ingredients in their base.
4) Exfoliate every time you shower.  Exfoliating gloves are the best for this.
5) You can use any acne remedy after your shower, but once you change your underwear to only 100% smooth cotton that covers everything, you won't have to use medicine for very long.

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kcumming answered
I've had the same problem for years now. I've been so self-conscious about my bikini area that I too refrained from wearing bikinis; but there are inexpensive remedies. Laser hair removal does not have to be your only option.
 I first, stopped shaving and made a switch to waxing (as it allowed me to less frequently remove hairs from that area). Then, I began using a product called Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair remedy. In as little as a month I saw substantial effects on the dark spots I've had for years on my bikini zone. It effectively thins the hair in the applied area, preventing it from causing ingrown hairs. Additionally, I used exfoliating gloves and body scrubs to remove dead skin particles. I've just now started applying facial dark spot and fade creams. It's too soon to see their effects but I'm hopeful! It's been about 60 days since my first wax and I can honestly say, under this regimen, I have seen great results! 

Best of luck, 
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kcumming commented
If you should chose to move forward with laser hair removal, you should make sure that the treatment will be effective on your specific skin type. If it's not, it can worsen dark spots, as it is a laser that applies intensive heat to the skin and hair follicle. Though there are several deals available that make it more affordable, make sure that the specific laser being used is best suited to your complexion.
Anonymous answered
There is a new product that dislodges ingrown hair while exfoliating the skin. I wax and use The BumpBan in between waxes. It works great for me it's only 15 bucks or so. www.BumpBan.com
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Anonymous answered
Laser hair removal is the only solution for ingrowns. I had terrible ingrowns around my belly button after waxing. I live in florida and I wear a bikini almost every weekend, there were times when it was so bad that I couldnt wear a bathing suit.
To make things worse, once the ingrown is out it leaves a scar which then gets dark. 
I tried the most expensive exfoliants, scrubs, you name it. 
The only thing that works was laser hair removal. Within 2 months the ingrowns were gone and the spots started to fade. 
Dont even play with it, with scrubs and plucking them out. You irritate your skin and cause scarring  and make it all worse. 
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AGardnerMFT answered
A brand called Whipped Body Goods @WhippedBodyGoods via twitter, has an amazing bikini butter that helps clear up hyper-pigmentation. It's all natural, a great price, comes in a variety of scents and does a great job clearing up the skin down there.

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