I just got an elastic resistance band to work out with—anyone know a good toning routine?

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Daniel Loigerot (Pilates Instructor) answered
I will recommend the DLFIT On The Go program with Elastic band.
The program features 4 instruction cards, each card includes 10 exercises
You can find out more at http://dlfit.com/id114.html 
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Michelle Davidson (Physical Therapist) answered
I love resistance bands as part of a strengthening and toning workout--they are super versatile regardless of your environment and always easy to pack which I find is the biggest deterrent for my traveling/business population... I actually try to start with more of a postural program with the bands and do upright rows (tie the band to a doorknob) and shoulder extensions in standing--if you want to make it more of a core workout either stand in a squat position or stand on something unstable like a foam pad or a BOSU ball while you are doing them-- you get better posture and can tone the back of your arms at the same time. Always just try to go to fatigue with the exercise, take a break and then try to do the same number of reps for the second set. You can stand on the band and do bicep curls and then move into an overhead press just by straightening out your elbows and pulling the band overhead--make sure to keep your shoulder blades down and back the whole time, core tight to avoid any back pain. That should give you a basic start and gives you some core work to boot!
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Bloomingirl commented
Here you go: http://www.thera-bandacademy.com/exercise/default.aspx?showResults=1
Productive Fitness answered
I recommend a book called "The Great Resistance Tubing Handbook"  It is a 64 page book complete with step-by-step instructions alongside of start and finish photos.  It is published by Productive Fitness and is available through our website, Amazon or many fitness equipment stores.  There are lots of great exercises to do and it goes through each muscle area of the body.  www.productivefitness.com
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