I can't stop peeing. I know my overactive bladder isn't from a UTI since there is no pain. What could be causing this?

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Pamela Warren, MS, CHN (Certified Holistic & Clinical Nutritionist) answered
If you are urinating frequently it can be an indication of something serious like diabetes or it can be the sign of something less serious, but more hidden.  To check for diabetes, I recommend that you see your physician and have blood drawn after an 8 hr fast to check your level of hemoglobin A1c. This will tell you whether or not you are at risk for diabetes, are developing diabetes or have already developed it.

In the second case of something less serious, but more hidden. You might actually have something resting on the bladder. Sometimes even a simple thing like your spine being out of alignment can rest on the bladder. Or a digestive disorder that causes sever inflammation of the intestinal tract in the region near the bladder can cause pressing on the bladder. This can produce an urgency to urinate, sometimes with or without pain. I recommend seeing a physician in both cases.

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Dr. Allison Polland (Urologist) answered
Frequent urination may be either a large volume of urine or multiple small volume voids.

A large volume of urine could be due to drinking a lot of fluids.  It could also be due to an endocrine abnormality like Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes Insipidus, or even pregnancy.  A visit to your doctor to get a  urine analysis can help clarify this.

Multiple small volume voids
You may have a urinary tract infection even if you are not having pain.  You should go to your doctor to get a urine analysis and a urine culture.  

If you do not have an infection, it could be overactive bladder which can be treated with medications known as anticholinergics.  A urodynamics evaluation could help clarify this.  

Lastly, irritation of the bladder may frequent voiding, this can occur in a condition known as interstitial cystitis or even in cancer. 
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Meg W answered
If you urinate more than 8 times a day, and wake twice at night to go pee, you may have overactive bladder condition—see a doctor for treatment options. Treatment may include methods that teach your bladder to hold for longer like Kegel exercises, medication, or in most severe instances, surgery.
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Anonymous answered
I've had a bladder infection once and didn't have any pain associated with it. I was at the doctors office for a physical and she discovered I had a UTI when my lab results came back. I was shocked, since the few bladder infections I'd had in the past were associated with serious pain. So I wouldn't rule out the possibility that you could have a UTI.
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Isabells answered
What happens when you feel like you need to go so bad but when you it's just like these tiny drops 
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silly lily commented
i'm having the exact same problem and when ever it comes out it stings someone please give me some advice