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Daniela Ferri (Licensed Esthetician, Acne Specialist) answered
As it happens, since I answered this question back in August I have become an Expert on ChickRx! :) So happy to be here ! :)
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Daniela E. answered
I am an Esthetician specializing in acne and I hope to become an Expert here soon. :)

Believe it or not, blackheads actually have to be there.  The oil of your skin is acidic.  This gives your skin a lower pH, so that bacteria that fall on your skin from the air get killed - it's one of the ways your skin protects your body.  This oil gets a little solid toward the openings of your pores, in order that there is always a little oil staying around to make up the protective layer of your skin.  More accumulates in the t-zone area in order to protect your eyes, nose and mouth.  However, if there is too much oil being produced because of harsh cleansers (the high pH of these cleansers cause the skin to need to rebalance itself by over-producing oil) or too much scrub, there's going to be not only more blackhead material there, but also darkened dead cells in the mix from the slight inflammation that occurs because of the harshness of these two products.  This is why they appear so much blacker.  So, blackheads do need to be there, they just don't have to be so noticeable.  Hydration helps this in addition to making sure the pH of your skin isn't thrown off by harsh cleansers and there isn't too much scrubbing - RULE OF THUMB : The more hydrated your skin is, the more pliable it is.  The more pliable your skin is, the less it holds on to the oil that makes blackheads.  Every blemish starts out as a microscopic blackhead.

Hydration happens not so much with more drinking water, but with alcohol-free toner sprayed on before application of a moisturizer that has ingredients that attract water to the skin and bind it there.  Cleanser must be thorough but gentle, and toner should be used every time you wash, no exceptions.  In addition, use of a clay mask once a week will draw out excess oils and exfoliate your skin so that your oils flow even more freely and there won't be so much build-up in your pores to become solidified blackheads.


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Meghan answered
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PriscillaMfarina answered
Make sure you have the proper skincare products for your skin-type. Because most people end up getting products to treat the condition and that ends up complicating things.

So talk to an esthetician to get your skin type analyzed. Get a proper cleanser, toner, exfoliator and SPF/Moisturiser for your skin type.

Any product with salicylic acid and benzol peroxide is going to aid in drying up the black heads. (you need to know your skin-type because these might end-up irritating your skin and not more than 3 times a week because it can dry out you skin forcing your skin to produce more oil and will lead to breakouts)

Also, instead of attempting to extract the blackhead yourself which you risk improperly doing so, which can lead to:
-forcing the blackhead further into the follicle which can cause pimples, spreading the infection on the top or inside of the skin causing breakouts and painful pustules.

You also risk damaging your own skin with broken capillaries which end up looking like perminant feathery red veins or dark ace scars (hyper pigmentation).
Try using blackhead strips and exfoliating.

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prettysimple answered
The best product I've found for acne breakouts is the Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment by Eminence Organics. It feels hot when applied, but it works absolutely amazing and doesn't leave your skin dry. You can purchase it online at www.eminenstore.com.
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brandonas answered

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