How do I cover up or get rid of pitted scars on my face from acne or chicken pox?

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Joseph F. Sobanko, MD (Dermatologic Surgeon) answered
Facial scarring is something that can be addressed in a number of different ways.  The treatment selected is principally determined by the severity of scarring.

For scars that are simply discolorations (where there are no contour abnormalities to the skin): makeup, concealers, and topical lightening creams (e.g. hydroquinone) are often sufficient. 

Scars that are the result of chicken pox are what may be categorized as "atrophic" scars.  These may be analogous to acne scars, where there is a deletion of collagen with resulting skin depression.  In this instance, the most successful treatments often replace collagen and smooth the contours.  Examples of such treatments include: medium depth chemical peels, dermabrasion, and resurfacing lasers (e.g. carbon dioxide laser). 
Because of their  safety profile and reduction in social downtime, I prefer fractional lasers for deeper atrophic scars.

The one type of facial scar not addressed above is the 'ice-pick' scar, which can also be a result of chicken pox.  This type of scar is often refractory to the treatments above and requires 'subcision' or gentle release of the scar from its attachments to the base of the skin with a small needle.   
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Dr. Charles Bollmann, M.D. (Ob/Gyn, Fellow Amer. Academy Cosmetic Surgery, Founding Member Amer. Holistic Medical Assn.) answered
I agree with Dr. Sobanka.

However, before undergoing any treatment for scars, would add a 4-6 week period of prepping the skin with Retin-A or another retinol product. The results will be better, and healing more rapidly.

And if the scars are deep, the best treatment is with a CO2 laser, 3 passes under general anesthesia. Unfortunately, one needs a very experienced physician to do this, as complications can occur.

I used the fractional laser extensively, but this just will not work for deep scars. Otherwise, it is great.
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