Does BC mimic libido levels and cervical discharge properties, even though you're not ovulating? Online advice is for ovulating women.

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Evelyn Resh MPH,CNM (Certified Sexuality Counselor & Nurse-Midwife) answered
Birth control pills do not mimic your normal ovulatory cycle in any way - in fact it is the exact opposite. They work, by stopping ovulation, this making you temporarily infertile. When you go off of them, ovulation resumes. Many women who use birth control pills report two symptoms in particular - vaginal dryness and decreased libido. This doesn't happen to all women, but it definitely happens to many. If you are a pill user, I recommend you keep a vaginal lubricant on hand and keep in mind that your sexual despite levels may be flatter than normal. This doesn't mean you should stop using this method, But if you do experience these symptoms and find them to be a problem you should consider a different method of contraception. 
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