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Evelyn Resh MPH,CNM (Certified Sexuality Counselor & Nurse-Midwife) answered
Having the urge to pee has many causes - believe it or not! Sometimes, women have a urinary tract infection and the urge to pee is frequent and accompanied by burning with peeing, and only being able to pee small amounts. Other women experience urgency because of the amount of coffee they drink, some teas, diet soda sweetened with artificial sweeteners, and if they've had lots of high acid foods or beverages - like tomato juice or lemonade. Another cause for the urgency to pee is anxiety and I see this in my patients more than you might imagine. Women who are anxious and nervous often need to pee constantly and are always looking for the location of the bathroom when they're out in public places or run to the bathroom when they get to a destination like someone's home. I hope this is helpful. 
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