Breakthrough bleeding past 2 weeks on BC pill. Just started pill again and had no problem in past. Flow similar to reg. period. Help!

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Evelyn Resh MPH,CNM (Certified Sexuality Counselor & Nurse-Midwife) answered
Unless you're going through more than 1 regular sized pad per hour - soaked front to back - don't worry about this irregular bleeding. It is annoying and frustrating but not uncommon or dangerous unless you can't stop it for more than a couple of weeks and it's VERY heavy. Remember to take your pills at around the same time each day and don't miss a pill! This helps regulate the bleeding. But, this type of bleeding can happen in the first 3-6 months of being on any birth control pill, even if it didn't happen to you before when you were using pills. If you're finding it too inconvenient after a couple of months, you could switch to a different pill but there is no guarantee you won't have some bleeding with that one too. Hang in there and give it 2-3 months before you decide to change prescriptions or methods. 
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rayvenmichelle answered
My roommate and I both started taking BC at the same time, and we both had a very heavy flow for almost four weeks!! It's very normal and the doctor called it "spotting".  

Anyway, the next months and the months that followed, I finally had regular, shorter (3-5 day) periods. I know it's frustrating, but you'll get through it. 
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