Sohah N. Iqbal, MD

Interventional Cardiologist

New York, NY

About Me

After treating many young women with heart problems, I have realized that heart disease is not just an old person disease and it is definitely not just a man's disease. When I am not "fixing" hearts, I spend most of my extra time advocating for preventative medicine, healthy lifestyles, and educating women to listen to their bodies. Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be tedious. I practice what I preach and find fun ways to stay healthy, such as previously being a competitive kickboxer and spending years learning to tango so I could strut my stuff last year in Buenos Aires. My most recent endeavor is preparing for my first outdoor rock climbing adventure.
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BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MD, Harvard Medical School Internal Medicine Residency, Columbia University Medical School Fellowship in Cardiology, New York University Medical Center


NYU Langone Medical Center Faculty Practice



English, Hindi, Urdu
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7 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Red Flags of Common Serious Health Problems for Women

Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
Knowing your body is the best thing you can do for your health. In addition to the signs above, I encourage my patients to keep active so wh...

The Immortals

Young Americans with Lofty Health Expectations are in for a Sore Surprise

Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
Though the incidence of heart attacks per se is low in young adults, the CDC reports almost 5% of people under the age of 45 has heart disea...

Killer Workload

Women with High Job Strain Have 40% Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
February is Go Red for Women's Heart Health Month. There are many events being held all over the country this month. Wear Red on Feb 7th to ...

TV is a Dumb Way to Die

Too Much TV or Computer Leisure Time is Bad for Your Heart

Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
As one would predict, the people in this study that had more leisure screen time had less recreational physical activity time. However, the...

Heartbreak Hotel

Seemingly Healthy Young Adults at Risk of Heart Disease

Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
Besides quitting smoking, eating right, and knowing about your family genetics, the most important thing you can do for your hearts when you...
Sohah N. Iqbal, MD (Interventional Cardiologist) commented
An excellent wallet-friendly workout is dancing. I actually just took my first Zumba class which just incorporated all this things I have le...