Wallet-Friendly Workouts

Giuliana Rancic,
"E! News" Host & Reality TV Star

When she's not hosting E! News, filming her reality show, Giuliana & Bill, or emasculating Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic often shares with fans her tips for living stylishly and healthily on her blog, FabFitFun.com.

Giuliana recently detailed some of her favorite workouts. While we wouldn't say, as she does, that "thin is in" (unless, by "thin" she means healthy, fit bodies--then sure thing), we appreciate her down-to-earth advice for budget-conscious girls that want to get in shape.

Giuliana loves to do stair climbs, running up and down five to seven sets of stairs and doing ab reps or push-ups in between sets. Another cheap workout Giuliana recommends is to grab a jump rope and do six 30-second reps, with a short break between each rep.

Other budget-friendly, Giulana-approved ideas include renting fitness DVDs from the library or Netflix, taking your workout to the beach (for running, volleyball, swimming, etc.) and joining a group exercise class.

Leave it to a celeb to give us cheap tips for getting fit. Rock on, Giuliana.


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Sohah N. Iqbal, MD commented
An excellent wallet-friendly workout is dancing. I actually just took my first Zumba class which just incorporated all this things I have learned in salsa, hip-hop, and bhangra classes - all in one for an great cardio class. Plus it even had a flew moves I do in the privacy of my own home when I just out on some music and let loose. Dance it up!