Using Formulas, Not Miniskirts, to Find Mr. Right Online Dating

The Issue: You'd rather be single than dating one of the winners you've gone out with recently. If only you could combine one guy's (blank) with another guy's (blank) and another's (blank).

The Fix:, a dating site that can't create the perfect partner, but can help you get as close as possible by understanding and matching you based on your specific tastes.

We're all familiar with those dating sites that make you fill out a lengthy questionnaire and wait to be matched, or make you fill out a profile and start searching through other profiles. (Yeah, we're familiar because we created an account "as a joke" too.)

DateBuzz doesn't make you fill out a personality questionnaire upfront, but it does offer the benefits of recommended matches customized for you. And it doesn't make you waste timing combing through individual profiles, but it does provide the same vast selection as a search. "But how?," you ask.

DateBuzz breaks up user profiles into individual pieces, and you vote whether you like or don't like the specific answers from different profiles. So if you vote that you like one person's music taste and another's hobbies, but don't like the third's spending habits, you've given DateBuzz three important data points to match you.

Over the course of about a week, your voting pattern delivers the same in-depth info that a lengthy questionnaire would have, but in a much more fluid way. Phew! Because lord knows that we're so annoyed by filling out long questionnaires...we'd never want to date ourselves if we came across our own sparse, uninspired profiles.

And your votes have also uncovered the same volume of matches that a search would have, but without having to sort through entire profiles.

And ChickRx users get the first three months of subscription free--just use the following link to register:

DateBuzz launched in the fall of 2010, but has already rapidly attracted a national user base. Which is probably a good thing if you prefer the Midwest's athletic frat types to the Bay Area's "hipster" engineers (can we get some combo of the two?).


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