How Kendra Wilkinson Stays Fit & Keeps Her Relationship Hot

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Kendra Wilkinson first caught America’s attention on The Girls Next Door, as the spunky, fitness-focused, smoking-hot Playmate breakout star. Aside from a television personality, most recently on her own show "Kendra on Top," Kendra is the author of two books, a blogger, a fitness icon, a celebrity spokeswoman, and most importantly, a wife and mother to NFL player Hank Baskett and adorable baby Hank Jr.

And Kendra knows a thing or two about how to get fit (she returned back to her tight, toned physique quickly after giving birth), look sexy, and keep the fire in a relationship. With the same fun-loving and down-to-earth charm that makes her so lovable, Kendra shares her secrets with ChickRx:

ChickRx: You look so fabulous--what does your typical workout usually consist of and what fitness tips do you have for other women?

Kendra Wilkinson: I mix everything up. I never stick with one workout; I’m constantly changing it and I think that’s key. I usually do intense training with weights, intervals and even kickboxing. That usually last about an hour. 

If I don’t want an intense workout one day, I do hot yoga or I go on a hike. My goal is to never go a day without being active. I count anything that gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat as part of a workout. (So a walk in the park doesn’t count for me.) All you need is an hour.

ChickRx: Do you have any funny health/wellness habits?

Kendra Wilkinson: I drink green tea to speed up my metabolism. I drink coffee in the morning and green tea around noon. I also have a very high fiber diet and I think that’s important. I get my day started right with organic milk and high fiber O’s cereal.  

ChickRx: What are your craziest, most exciting tips for spicing it up in the bedroom when you and your partner are stuck in a rut?

Kendra Wilkinson: Just DO it! Make time for it; make it a priority. The other weekend, Hank and I were both so tired—we both wanted each other, but we let our tiredness take over so we were just relaxing and watching a movie. But whenever I’m most tired, I get the most spontaneous because I like to fight it and do the opposite. So I just DID it! Always have the quick spontaneous move and you will be happy you did. Getting started is the hardest part but you will be happy you did!

ChickRx: Having been married for several years, what do you think are the most important ingredients for a happy and healthy relationship?

Kendra Wilkinson: A good sense of humor is key. No…a GREAT sense of humor. A sense of humor is everything—you need it to be happy. You need to laugh with each other and play with each other. If you’re in a little heat with your partner, you want to be with someone who will break the moment and be able to laugh it off. 

You need to be with someone who you can have inside jokes with because that helps create a stronger bond—the type of relationship that no one else understands but you guys. My husband and I call ourselves immature all the time! We’re like kids and that works for our relationship because we’re always having a blast.

ChickRx: Can you tell us more about your new Love Candy product line and how it supports breast cancer? 

Kendra Wilkinson: My kit is awesome! It helps get you in the mood and it’s just an overall feel good kit! Proceeds from my new massager, The Prevail, go to breast cancer, which is an awesome added bonus!
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