Confessions & Tips from Julia Allison, Star of Bravo’s “Miss Advised”

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Starting as a dating columnist at Georgetown University, Julia Allison has made a name for herself reflecting on relationships in a myriad of magazines and national newspapers, and on over 1,000 television appearances across major networks. Most recently, Julia’s been starring in Bravo's new TV series Miss Advised.

We admire Julia for the authenticity, wisdom, and spirit she brings to the challenges of being an independent woman. She has won many fans with her candor, sense of humor, and relatability. If you somehow have not already heard of Julia, these answers will show you what fun you've been missing. 

ChickRx: Any health/wellness misconceptions you used to have and laugh about now?
Julia: Absolutely! When I was quite a bit younger (say, 15), I would eat terribly. Never sodas or chips (my mother wouldn't allow them), but I would alternate between cheese and marshmallows for that sweet & savory kick. And I was under the impression that sugary cereals were "healthy." Hysterical. 

Now I am gluten-free, because I learned, at age 29, I have celiac. I've been a pescatarian (fish, no meat) since I was 19. I drink a green vegetable juice in the morning nearly every day (usually kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple and lemon).

I also thought that "working out" was something one only did to lose weight, not to feel more vital and alive. Now I love yoga, biking (on my beach bike--I hate mountain bikes, my butt just doesn't fit on those seats!), hiking and walking my dog on the beach. I also enjoy sex! Best exercise ever. Hahaha.

ChickRx: What is the best first date? 
Julia: The older I've gotten, the less I've enjoyed first (or second or third) dates that involve a fancy dinner and drinks. There are a few reasons for this. One, I'm just tired of going out to dinner. Two, I always overeat: appetizers, entrees, desserts (I have a sick sweet tooth), and drinks. I leave bloated and lethargic. Three, I don't enjoy wondering whether I have something in my teeth or on my face the entire date. 

Now I prefer to go on active first dates, especially hiking, walking on the beach, dancing or wine tasting. Something that gives both of you a fun activity you can discuss if things get awkward—and on first dates, they inevitably do!

ChickRx: What's your weirdest eating habit you're willing to admit to?
Julia: I used to eat bowls of honey. Straight. Seriously. An entire BOWL of honey.  I no longer do this,'s insane?

ChickRx: Who, to you, epitomizes a healthy attitude worth emulating and why?
Julia: Oprah's life-coach Martha Beck!! And Tony Robbins. I worship Tony Robbins. He is a paragon of health and vitality.

ChickRx: Which health issue or cause matters to you most?
Julia: I'm passionate about healthy eating! Particularly gluten free, meat free, dairy free, high-fructose corn syrup free, organic and pesticide free eating. This country needs to get on a fruits and vegetable based, natural, local diet. I think the messages we've been sent by advertisers--to purchase packaged chemical toxic CRAP masquerading as "food"--are downright immoral. It disgusts me.
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Anonymous commented
LOVE Julia!!!
Anonymous commented
Ick. This woman has publicly (via her twitter account) promoted very processed, very unhealthy Velveeta Cheesey Skillets. Doesn't seem like she is very authentic like the intro here suggests. Can you follow up with her and ask her about this? I'm curious as to her response...
Anonymous commented
Not sure when Julia posted about Velveeta, but seems like her whole point is that she reformed her eating habits. And even people with generally very healthy diets have, and should have, their indulgences too IMO