Best Positive Affirmations to Attract What You Want

Affirmations That Will Help Overcome Challenges and Bring Joy

Your thoughts and words are powerful. Having a positive outlook is one of the most important things enabling you to conquer challenges or difficulties in your life. That feels easier said than done sometimes, but with the help of affirmations, you can get your mind where it needs to be to attract joy and tackle life’s roadblocks.  

“An affirmation is something spoken aloud that you want to believe or want to be true, in order to channel your thought process in a positive direction,” explains certified life coach and hypnotist Michelle Brock. “Affirmations work on the principle that ‘the subconscious mind cannot resist repetition,” explains Ilene Dillon, a licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker and life coach. “The subconscious cannot tell the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘not truth.’ It takes whatever it hears, repeatedly, as true.”  

When you repeatedly speak the positive words of an affirmation, it helps you think happier thoughts and create a positive reality. “This is the basic premise behind what many call the ‘Law of Attraction,’ that what we think or believe is what will show up in our lives,” says Brock.  

We’ve assembled a go-to list of some of our favorite powerful affirmations that you can begin practicing today to attract what you want in your everyday life, health, relationships and career. Have fun with them!    

Getting Started
The first step you should take to begin practicing affirmations is to set a goal for what you want to attract into your life. “The most important thing about affirmations is the decision you are making to change your thinking,” explains Dillon. “The instant you set your intention on making this positive change, you will be moving toward your goal.”
To pick a goal, Dillon says to be aware of who you want to be in life. “To truly make a change, I advocate [the] principle: ‘Pay attention, not to what you want to overcome, but to what you want to become.’”  

The more desire you have to achieve your goal, and the stronger you concentrate on these positive affirmations, the quicker results you will see.      

Everyday Affirmations
To help create a positive day, repeat some of these phrases to yourself three or four times before getting out of bed in the morning—try it every day for a month:  

“I am happy.” – Brock  

“Everything works out exactly as it should.” – Dillon  

“Love abounds in the universe; and I am part of that love energy.” – Dillon  

“Everything is getting better every day.”    

“I am calm and relaxed in every situation.”    

“I love my life.”  

“I am loved.”  

“I am strong.”  

“Only good lies before me.”  

“I am worthy.”      

Specific Affirmations
In addition to general affirmations, also try repeating more specific ones to yourself each day. Pick ones that help uplift you, based on your circumstances and goals.

“I am healthy, strong, and beautiful just as I am.” – Brock  

“I choose to make positive healthy choices for myself.”  

“My body heals quickly and easily.”

“I love and accept myself completely.”  

“I exercise regularly and nourish my body with nutritious food.”    

“There is enough time for everything.” – Dillon    

“I am smart, successful, and capable of attracting abundant wealth.”    

“I am successful in everything I do.”  

“I am getting wealthier each day.”  

“My work is fulfilling and enriching.”  

“I am easy to work with.”  

“I am punctual.”  

If you are not hired for a job or are overlooked for a promotion:
“I am grateful I was passed over for this job/promotion, because that gives me the opportunity to take something better, that is already on its way to me.” – Dillon  
“I am a beautiful, loving, and lovable woman and my perfect mate and complement is on their way.” – Brock  
“I attract positivity and joy into my life.”  

“People enjoy being with me because I am a joyful person.”  

“I am aware of past patterns that no longer serve me, and I easily release them.”  

“My relationships are loving and harmonious.”  

“I listen closely and open my heart when interacting with others.”  

“My perfect partner loves and appreciates me.”  

“I am a magnet for my perfect, loving match.”  

“I am in a loving and supportive relationship.”  

“I am so grateful to have loving, supportive friends.”  

“I love and appreciate my family.”  

“I am loving and forgiving.”      

Create Your Own
If you’re not finding something here you like, don’t be afraid to write your own using these steps. Remember to keep the phrases short so that they are easy to repeat and powerful:  

Step 1. Use the present tense (not future or past tenses)  

Step 2. Use positive words (opt for words like “I am, I can, I do,” etc. and avoid words like “no, not, don’t, can’t,” etc.)  

Step 3. Focus on your outcome.    

Life is short, and is incredibly beautiful if you make it that way. Seize the day, and use these positive affirmations to help create the life you want.  

What are some other great positive affirmations you like? Please share your ideas below!
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